"Sarcasm is sensational" Bars

Sugar cookie on the bottom with chocolate and rice chex on top.

These were originally called “snow covered bars”.  

Like it’s ever gonna snow here. Yeah, right.

-Karen and Alice

"Punkin Chunkin" Whoopie Pies

Pumpkin cake + maple-cream cheese frosting in the middle = favorite holiday dessert.

Karen has been a tad overdue with submissions, so bare with us here. These were made for Karen’s giant family reunion for Thanksgiving. 

In honor of Punkin Chunkin, the best Thanksgiving special on television. Except you won’t want to chuck these in a catapult.

-Karen and Alice

"I just need a valium and a buddy" biscotti

Alice got her wisdoms out on tuesday, so she made these cranberry, pistachio, and white chocolate biscotti in advance for the fam.

Hope everyone had a happy tryptophan day. 

- Karen and Alice 

The Bandits do Halloween

Patch o’ Pumpkins (brownies with an illegal amount of chocolate and marshmallows) 

Goin Batty (sugar cookie sandwiches)

-Giraffe and Penguin 

"Bertha’s babies" cupcakes

One of our favorite people had a birthday, so we showed our psychedelic love with white chocolate (but blue and purple too) cake with nutella in the middle and vanilla sugar icing on the top. 

Happy birthday Hermione xoxo

-Karen and Alice 

"Redrum" Cookies

Red velvet cookies, perfect cream cheese icing, and milk chocolate topping.

If you take one, you’ll die. Of mouthwatering pleasure.

-Karen and Alice

"Padre Pie" Cake

Bandits love their padres. 

Happy Father’s (birth)day. 

-Karen and Alice 

"Duck Love" Cookies

Red velvet love and snickerdoodle duckies equals the perfect combination of Duck lovin.

Karen made for her man’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. (:

-Karen and Alice

"Bittersweet" bars

Alice missed a chance today, so she made these for a wedding instead. 

Life is bittersweet brosefs. 

-Karen and Alice

"Sick giraffe" Cookies

Peanut butter cookies + chocolate chips = perfect giraffe fuel.

Alice made these for a sick Karen. How sweet.

Zyrtec up, folks. It’s allergy season.

-Karen and Alice

"Separation anxiety is a real thing" rolls

Bandits love the pumpkin. 

And the pimpkin. 

Keep rollin cool cats. 

-Karen and Alice

"Paw language" cookies

Pumpkin, oats, chocolate, and little bit of rebel. 

These are alice’s new favorite thing. 

-Karen and Alice

"Don’t be a snitch" Cookies

Brown sugar cookies and a magical butterbeer glaze. 

Made for one of our favorite people’s birthday. (Hence the sub-standard photo, taken with a lame phone camera)

-Karen and Alice

"Two Girls, One Shuffler" Cookies

Cinnamon roll cookies. 

Shuffle on, kiddies.

-Karen and Alice

"Carded at the ticket ripper" Cake

Chocolate cake, banana pudding, and the ticket to perfect chocolate icing.

What, do we look like amateurs?  We’re the best in the business, baby.

-Karen and Alice